DRC: Inlukamba press release, Amorphism reflects PPRD political pressure

Inlukamba prime minister

The righteous behavior of the Minister of Justice with regard to the Minaku – Sakata law, on his annotations addressed to the Office of the National Assembly without the approval of the Prime Minister, attitude which led to his brief interpellation causing an amplified crisis of interinstitutional confidence by the famous letter from Minister Inlukamba, offensive to the President of the Republic, is a sign that the Prime Minister was under strong pressure from his political family who signed and read the press release in his place but with which…

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DRC: UN, Diplomats, press, clerk, a powerful lobby in the service of V. Kamerhe

Kamerhe and president fatshi

The so-called “100-day” trial, which will have its first verdict today Saturday June 20, 2020, will go from rebound to rebound. Proof of a real machine in the service of the now former Director of Cabinet Vital Kamerhe who drains a panoply of statesmen, politicians, lawyers, magistrates, presses insistently to avoid him at all costs a conviction. The final attempt by the clerk of the constitutional court to stay today’s verdict is just a tree hiding the forest. Pressure on Félix Tshisekedi Since the start of the investigation at the…

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DRC: Kinshasa, COVID-19, deconfinement, Gentiny Ngobila plays the sorcerer’s apprentice!

Gentiny Ngobila

The Governor of the City of Kinshasa Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka, spends day after his inability to govern the city of Kinshasa. The posture of the Bourgmestre or of a mayor would have been favorable to him in view of his meager achievements which are almost confined to the only commune of Gombe. RAGE (Autonomous Republic of the Gombe) The city of Kinshasa seems vast in the vision of the current Governor of the city of Kinshasa. Almost all of these measures, “Kin Bopeto, Closure of the Central Market, Containment, COVID-19,…

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“Due to lack of evidence”, the UN was finally seized on June 9 in the Kamerhe case

Kamerhe Vital

It was finally on June 9 that French lawyer and former president of Paris Pierre-Olivier Sur (“POS”) seized the UN working group on arbitrary detention concerning his client, Vital Kamerhe, director cabinet of President Félix Tshisekedi. Alongside Congolese lawyers Jean-Marie Kabengela Ilunga, honorary dean of the bar of Kinshasa, and Kabila Muana Kabila, POS, of the firm Fischer, Tandeau de Marsac, Sur & associés (FTMS), claims that it has not been proven that the detention of Vital Kamerhe is a measure necessary for the continuation of the investigation on suspicion…

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The “Antwerp connection” activates around Tshisekedi after the fall of Vital Kamerhe

Succeeding Dan Gertler, Joseph Kabila’s favorite diamond dealer, it is a Belgian-Israeli network which has gradually been established in the entourage of President Félix Tshisekedi to manage, in addition to several security contracts, relations between Kinshasa and Tel Aviv. The arrest on April 8 of the all-powerful Félix Tshisekedi chief of staff, Vital Kamerhe, suspected of personal ambitions, provoked a real stir in the presidential entourage and came to upset the fragile overlapping of interests contradictory around the Congolese president. Sharing, as best they can, the management of security contracts…

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