University of Kinshasa

Year of creation: 1954
Headquarters: University of Kinshasa
Mailbox: 204 Kinshasa XI
Faculties: The university is composed of twelve following faculties: Law, Humanities and Social Sciences, Economics and Management, Political Sciences and Administrative Sciences, Sciences, Pharmacy, Medicine, Psychology and Sciences of Education, Agronomy, Veterinary Medicine, and polytechnic
Name of the rector: Pr. Ngoma

University of Lubumbashi

Year of creation: 1955
Headquarters: Lubumbashi
Mailbox: 1825 Lubumbashi
Faculties: The university consists of the following faculties: Faculty of Humanities and Letters, Faculty of Social, Administrative and Political Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Sciences Economics and Management, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education, School of Industrial Engineers (ESI), School of Public Health, School of Criminology, School of Cartography
Name of the rector: Pr. CHABU MUMBA

List of Congolese universities

1. Higher Institute of Computer Science, Programming and Analysis (ISIPA) – Kinshasa
2. Academy of Fine Arts -Kinshasa
3. Center for Egyptian Studies C.A. Diop of INADEP -Kinshasa
4. Interdisciplinary Center for Continuing Education (CIDEP) -Kinshasa
5. School of Computer Science of Electronics and Accounting Expertise (EIECO) – Kinshasa
6. Salama School of Computer Science – (ESIS) Lubumbashi
7. Computer School of Finance (EIFi) -Kinshasa
8. Catholic University of Congo (UCC)
9. Major Seminary of Lubumbashi-Lubumbashi
10. Interdiocesan Higher Institute Monsignor Mulolwa – Lubumbashi
11. African Institute for Prospective Studies-African Institute for Future Studies (INADEP) -Kinshasa
12. Institute of Higher and University Studies of Kinshasa (INESSUKIN) -Kinshasa
13. Institute of Buildings and Public Works (IBTP) -Kinshasa
14. Faculty Institute of Information and Communication Sciences (IFASIC) -Kinshasa
15. Institute Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (IFA) -Yangambi
16. National Institute of Arts (INA) – [Kinshasa]
17. Higher Institute of Veterinary Medicine (ISAV) – Kimwenza
18. Higher Institute of Commerce – Bas-Congo,
19. Higher Institute of Arts and Crafts (ISAM) -Kinshasa
20. Higher Institute of Statistics of Kinshasa (I.S.S./KIN);
21. Lubumbashi Higher Institute of Statistics (ISS) – Lubumbashi
22. Higher Institute of Social Studies (ISES) -Lubumbashi
23. Goma Higher Institute of Statistics and New Technologies (ISSNT / GOMA) – Goma
24. Higher Institute of Commerce (ISC-Goma / North Kivu)
25. Higher Institute of Management and Technology (ISGT) – Mbuji-Mayi
26. Higher Institute of Applied Technology (ISTA) – Kinshasa
27. Higher Institute of Medical Technology) (ISTM / KIN – Kinshasa
28. Higher Institute of Pedagogy of Kikwit – Bandundu
29. Kananga Institute for Higher Education {ISP} – Kananga
30. Higher Institute of Education Mbanza-Ngungu – Bas-Congo
31. Higher Institute of Pedagogy and Technical Kinshasa (ISPT-KIN)
32. Higher Pedagogical Institute (ISP) -Kinshasa
33. Higher Pedagogical Institute (PSI) – Lubumbashi
34. Higher Pedagogical Institute (ISP) -Mbandaka
35. Higher Pedagogical Institute (ISP) of Budjala
36. Institute of Oil and Gas (IPG) -Kinshasa
37. Higher Institute of Medical Technical Education (ISETM) Kinshasa
38. Higher Institute of Medical Technology (ISTM) – Bukavu
39. Higher Pedagogical Institute of Bukavu – Bukavu (ISPB)
40. Higher Pedagogical Institute of Kamituga – Kamituga – Congo – Kinshasa (ISPKa)
41. Higher Pedagogical Institute of Baraka – Baraka (ISPBA)
42. Higher Institute of Medical Techniques – Baraka (ISTMBA)
43. Higher Institute of Rural Development (ISDR) Mbeo Bandundu
44. Higher Institute of Rural Development (ISDR) Bukavu
45. Higher Institute of Computer Programming and Analysis (ISIPA) -Kinshasa
46. Higher Institute of Rural Development (ISDR-Mbandaka) -Mbandaka
47. Higher Institute of Medical Technology (ISTM) -Mbandaka
48. ISEC –Lubumbashi
49. ISTC -Lubumbashi
50. University Institute of Congo (IUC) – Lubumbashi
51. American University of Kinshasa or Franco-American University of Kinshasa
52. University of Bandundu (UB) – Kikwit
53. Cardinal University Malula-Kinshasa
54. Catholic University of Bukavu
55. Central University of Kinshasa
56. International Christian University (UCI)
57. Hope University of Congo (UEC) – Baraka
58. University of Goma
59. Higher Institute of Rural Development of the Great Lakes
60. (ISDR / GL) -Goma
61. University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN), formerly known as Lovanium University
62. Bukavu State University (UOB)
63. Kisangani University – Kisangani
64. University of Lubumbashi (UNILU) – Lubumbashi
65. University of Our Lady of Kasayi (U.KA.) – Kananga
66. Kasa-Vubu University-Bas-Congo,
67. University Kinshasa Binza
68. Kindu University – Kindu
69. Kongo University-Bas Congo,
70. Free University of Kinshasa (ULK)
71. Free University of Luozi (ULL)
78. National Pedagogical University (UPN), former IPN -Kinshasa
79. Protestant University of Congo (UPC) -Kinshasa
80. Lubumbashi Protestant University (UPL) – Lubumbashi
81. Simon Kimbangu University -Kinshasa
82. William Booth University (UWB) -Kinshasa
83. Kolwezi University (UNIKOL) (Kolwezi)
84. University of Technology of Congo (kinshasa)
85. University of Likasi (UNILI)
86. University of Mbandaka (Unimba) -Mbandaka
87. Free University of the Great Lakes Countries, – Goma
88. Congolese Baptist University Lubumbashi
89. Mbujimayi University Tshikama-Mbujimayi
90. Mbujimayi Official University (UO M) – Mbujimayi
91. University of Gbadolite (UNIGBA) -Gbadolite
92. University of Lisala
93. University of Ikela
94. University of Cepromad (UNIC) -Kolwezi
95. Songwai Faculty Institute (IFAS) – Kinshasa
96. Goma Adventist University (UAGO) -Goma, source: Provincial Division of Culture / North Kivu and South Kivu.
96. Adventist University of Lukanga-Butembo / North Kivu.
97. University of Kivu (Unikivu) -Goma / North Kivu
98. University of Cepromad (UNIC-ISGEA) -Bukavu / South Kivu.
99. Natural Sciences Research Center of Lwiro / Bukavu.
100. Goma Volcanological Observatory (OVG) / Goma
101. Superior Institute of Management in the Great Lakes Region (ISMAGL) / Goma
102. Higher Institute of Building and Public Works (IBTP / Butembo)
103. Evangelical University in Africa (UEA) / Bukavu
104. Higher Institute of Commerce (ISC) / Goma.
105. Higher Institute of Tourism (IST) / Goma
106. Goma Higher Institute of Applied Technology (ISTA-GOMA)
107. Higher Institute of Arts and Metiers (ISAM) -Goma
108. Catholic University of Grabben (UCG) -Butembo.
109. TAYNA Higher Institute of Nature Conservation, Kanyabayonga North Kivu.
110. Higher Institute of Commercial Technology (ISTC) -Matadi.
111. Higher Institute for Rural Development – Great Lakes (ISDR-GL) / GOMA
112. Higher Education Institute / Vitshumbi (ISP) in Goma.
113. Higher Technical and Commercial Institute (ISTC) matadi