Biography of Luca Attanasio killed in the DRC

Luca Attanasio

Born in Rome, November 07, 1974, Graduated with Distinction at the Luigi Bocconi University (2001) of Milan, after a brief professional career in business assistance and a Master in International Politics, he undertook the diplomatic career (2003) . At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs he worked at the Directorate of Economic Affairs, Office of Business Assistance, then at the Secretariat of the Directorate General for Africa. Then he was Vice-Chief at the Secretariat of the Under-Secretary of State for Africa and International Cooperation (2004). Abroad he is Head of the…

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DRC: Appointment of Prime Minister J.M Sama Lukonde, Felix’s daring poker move? (C. Ndombo)

Both national and international public opinion yesterday discovered the face of the new prime minister, successor to Ilunga Ilunkamba Jean Michel Sama Lukonde Kyenge has been appointed by the President of the Republic to take the reins of the government of the Sacred Union, a new parliamentary configuration born of recent political upheavals Political upheavals While 2023 is looming on the horizon and with great strides, the President of the Republic, whose time is no longer a great ally, pressed by the demand for convincing results, plays a game of…

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Biography of Tankwey Mulut jean jacques “tankila”


Tankwey Mulut jean jacques “tankila” was born in Kinshasa in 1979, obtained his interior design diploma in 2004 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa, launched his career as a designer with his 2kotes chair in 2009 at Kinshasa Furniture and Object Fair (Samo), will be discovered and invited to install the same model in the entrance hall of the Société des finances et de développement (Sofide). Co-founder of the polyv’art artist platform (2010) and will be its general manager (2010-2018), creator and CEO of the tankila studio (2018),…

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F. Tshisekedi at the head of the AU: can the DRC play its leadership role in peace and security in Africa? (Tribune by Simabatu Mayele Sims Nono)


During the opening ceremony of the 34th session of the Conference of Heads of State of the African Union on February 6, 2021, the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo His Excellency Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo officially received hands of the outgoing president of the AU commission Moussa Faki Mahamat the flag and the hammer, symbol of the power in exercise of the African Union 2021. This transfer of power marks a decisive turning point for the DRC of which the power of the president of the republic is…

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DRC-Chebeya: the protection of C. Ngoy, the remains of F. Bazana, General Djadjidja, new elements for the reopening of a state crime


After being tried during a trial, any legal case can be re-examined as soon as new elements emerge that challenge the decision rendered. This review is part of the so-called extraordinary remedies, although it can be requested only in very limited cases. Thus in view of the new elements in connection with the arrest of Christian Ngoy on September 3, 2020 in Lubumbashi, the damning testimonies of Hergil Ilunga wa Ilunga and Alain Kayeye Longwa on the airwaves of the RFI, the role played by General Zelwa Katanga, says “Djadjidja”…

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DRC: From Kabilas to Tshisekedis, the saga of Villa 62, avenue de la justice, a lust of presidential families?

62 avenue de la justice

Curious destiny of a plot yet granted to the Regional Center for Research and Documentation on Women, Gender and Peacebuilding in the Great Lakes Region (CERED-GL), which is now on the move, continues to attract lust this time in the hands of the family or close to the Tshisekedis. The plot located on avenue de la Justice, n ° 62, not far from the Embassy of India in the DRC, a state property formerly used as a residence for the burgomasters of the commune of Gombe in Kinshasa still attracts…

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DRC: Silent coup or “soft debugging” overseen by Mike Hammer, US Ambassador

felix discours

Felix leaves the coalition and enters in 2021 as master of the game in the DRC in addition to President of the African Union. While several politicians and observers of Congolese politics qualify as “interference in the internal affairs of the DRC” the support of the American ambassador to Felix Tshisekedi, others on the contrary, praise his courage and his political realism in responding to the direct agreements of the Congolese. It is thanks to Hammer that Félix, a novice in the state administration, was able to deny all the…

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Merger between Equity Bank and BCDC: the Head of State informed


Received in audience Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at the Palais de la Nation, by the President of the Republic Félix Antoine Tshisekedi, Mr. James Mwange, Managing Director of Equity Bank, went to inform of the merger of his Bank with the Commercial Bank of Congo (BCDC), which will become effective by the end of the current year. It was after being received by the Head of State that the Managing Director of Equity Bank, Mr. James Mwange, declared to the press that “the general meetings of the two banks have…

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DRC: What hides the arrest of the DG of the RVA, and the suspension at the DGM, noise of boots in Kinshasa?

bilenge and rolland

The arrest on November 10 of Abdallah Bilenge, director general at the Régie des Voies Aériennes, followed by the suspension of Roland Kashwantale Chihoza, director general of the Directorate General of Migration (DGM) 10 days later, leaves doubtful as to the reasons given justifying their sidelined by the Congolese authorities, in a turbulent political period at the top of the state, following a probable political schism between the FCC of ex-President Kabila and the CACH of the current Head of State Felix Antoine Tshisekedi. Indeed, the RVA and the DGM…

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Biography of Nyakeru Nkana Denise Tshisekedi, Life, studies, works, nationality


Biography of Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi “On January 25, 1968, blinded by the headlights of another vehicle coming in the opposite direction, Papa Etienne Nyakeru and Maman Christine M’ntalushika will experience a fatal accident on Industrial Avenue in Bukavu, in the company of Papa’s little brother. Nyakeru, Joseph Mukombe Banywesize. And the three of them will die instantly, ”reports Father Jean-Bosco Bahala, who has written a brief biography of the distinguished First Lady. After the tragedy, the 8 children: Nyakeru Naweza Spéciose Christine, eldest of the family who has already left…

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