DRC: What hides the arrest of the DG of the RVA, and the suspension at the DGM, noise of boots in Kinshasa?

bilenge and rolland

The arrest on November 10 of Abdallah Bilenge, director general at the Régie des Voies Aériennes, followed by the suspension of Roland Kashwantale Chihoza, director general of the Directorate General of Migration (DGM) 10 days later, leaves doubtful as to the reasons given justifying their sidelined by the Congolese authorities, in a turbulent political period at the top of the state, following a probable political schism between the FCC of ex-President Kabila and the CACH of the current Head of State Felix Antoine Tshisekedi. Indeed, the RVA and the DGM…

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Biography of Nyakeru Nkana Denise Tshisekedi, Life, studies, works, nationality


Biography of Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi “On January 25, 1968, blinded by the headlights of another vehicle coming in the opposite direction, Papa Etienne Nyakeru and Maman Christine M’ntalushika will experience a fatal accident on Industrial Avenue in Bukavu, in the company of Papa’s little brother. Nyakeru, Joseph Mukombe Banywesize. And the three of them will die instantly, ”reports Father Jean-Bosco Bahala, who has written a brief biography of the distinguished First Lady. After the tragedy, the 8 children: Nyakeru Naweza Spéciose Christine, eldest of the family who has already left…

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Functioning of the Congolese military courts

military_court drc

Anxious to endow the country with a powerful army, disciplined and always ready to respond to all eventualities, the Congolese legislator has created and completely reorganized the military courts; these jurisdictions thus include repressive mechanisms that want to respond with equal effectiveness, different from peacetime and wartime, thus resolving the problems of judicial organization [1]. Indeed, military justice is shared between the different military courts of judgments whose attribution competence belongs to all of these courts that the hierarchy constitutes the backbone of the military judicial organizations from which in…

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Press Release: More Tanzanian human rights victims join UK legal action against Barrick

(London, 14 August 2020) – Three more Tanzanian victims have joined a legal claim in British courts against Barrick Gold subsidiaries for serious human rights violations at the company’s North Mara gold mine in northern Tanzania. Barrick’s subsidiaries have now been served with the proceedings relating to the new claims with the final documents being served last Friday (7 August). The initial claim was issued in the British High Court in February 2020 on behalf of seven human rights victims against Barrick Tz Limited, formerly known as Acacia Mining, of…

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Mechanisms of joint oil management between the DRC and Angola


O. INTRODUCTION I. PROBLEM Forty years after independence and despite its wealth, Central Africa continues to sink into chaos. Under the umbrella of a military-business dictatorship, oil is managed in the context of patronage, nepotism and corruption. The competition for the conquest of oil reserves stirs up envy among Western multinationals. The contradictory assertion of neoliberalism combines with the offensive of the dominant countries1. In the context of the new world order; the United States is the only power to present a military strategy to impose its hegemony on the…

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Viral Sex Video Gets Zambia’s Education Minister Fired

David Mabumba

Hon David Mabumba, has served within Zambia’s Cabinet of Ministers since 2016, but was recently caught in quite an unusual setting. Zambia’s Minister of Education Hon David Mabumba has been fired, according to a statement from the country’s president President Lungu, after a sex clip of a man strongly resembling the official was leaked online. Mabumba, 49, was released from his post “with immediate effect”, the president noted, without providing specific reasons for his decision. But the announcement took place shortly after a video featuring someone looking very much like…

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How did DAN GERTLER, the diamond dealer from Kabila, find his tax haven at Afriland Congo bypassing American sanctions? (the world, bloomberg, global witness)

dan gerteler and afriland

A year ago, in June, a group of bankers entered a US Treasury office in Washington to perhaps fulfill one of the most important missions of their careers: to save a country from financial collapse. Among them, Willy Mulamba, the highest executive of Citigroup Inc. in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country rich in mineral resources but extremely poor in Central Africa. Mulamba, a 51-year-old Congolese banker who returned to the Congo after years abroad, was part of a small, desperate team to dissuade U.S. Treasury officials from cutting…

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DRC: Inlukamba press release, Amorphism reflects PPRD political pressure

Inlukamba prime minister

The righteous behavior of the Minister of Justice with regard to the Minaku – Sakata law, on his annotations addressed to the Office of the National Assembly without the approval of the Prime Minister, attitude which led to his brief interpellation causing an amplified crisis of interinstitutional confidence by the famous letter from Minister Inlukamba, offensive to the President of the Republic, is a sign that the Prime Minister was under strong pressure from his political family who signed and read the press release in his place but with which…

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Burundi: hard-core regime, Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni, becomes Prime Minister

Alain guillaume Bunyoni

The Burundian National Assembly approved on Tuesday the appointment by President Évariste Ndayishimiye of Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni, one of the hardliners of the regime, as Prime Minister, in the absence of the deputies of the main opposition party who boycotted the meeting. “The general police commissioner Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni was approved by 92 votes for and 2 against on the 94 voting deputies”, announced the president of the National assembly, Pascal Nyabenda, at the end of the vote. The post of Prime Minister is new. It was created thanks to the new…

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Pompeo attacks John Bolton after his fire on Trump: “A threat to the United States”

Mike Pompeo

John Bolton’s book paints a very unflattering portrait of Donald Trump, presented as ill-advised, “incompetent” and obsessed with his only re-election. American Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo compared John Bolton, the former close adviser to Donald Trump who publishes a vitriolic book on the President of the United States, on Monday to Edward Snowden, a former US intelligence official charged with espionage. “Frankly, the information he publishes pose heavy criminal risks to him,” warned the Secretary of State on Fox News, on the eve of the release of “The Room Where…

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