United States, intense lobbying by Fayulu against Tshisekedi

Intense lobbying, well-crafted strategy, Fayulu reaches out to Washington a year before the presidential election to prevent the DRC from a new electoral hold-up in 2023.

The former 2018 presidential candidate begins his lobbying campaign this week in the United States of America to nip in the bud the intentions of the Tshisekedi regime to organize a mock election, we learn of his seraglio. “Martin Fayulu should ask members of the US Congress and the administration of Joe Biden to follow closely the evolution of the situation of this strategic country of central Africa that is the DRC and to help guarantee free and fair elections there. in 2023”, published Tuesday, September 12, the pan-African magazine Jeune Afrique.

Fayulu alongside Biden officials
The leader of Ecidé will begin with his public appearances on Thursday, September 15th. The former presidential candidate of 2018 will be at the African Center of the Atlantic Council, directed by the French Rama Yade, former Secretary of State (in charge of Foreign Affairs, then Sports) of Nicolas Sarkozy, former French President (2007-2011).

Then, the standard bearer of the Lamuka coalition will launch a political awareness campaign on Monday, September 19, 2022, still in the country of Uncle Sam. The program of the “soldier of the people” also includes meetings with American officials, members of the Congolese diaspora and religious leaders, Jeune Afrique announced.

The choice of the United States
Despite the irregularities of the 2018 electoral process and the reluctance of other Western powers (such as France) after the publication of the results by competent bodies, the Biden administration was the first to recognize the “controversial” victory of Felix Tshisekedi.

Armed with this painful memory, Martin Fayulu anticipates and is already seeking the involvement of Washington in the first stages of the current electoral process in order to guarantee its credibility and transparency. “The United States had played a key role in the outcome of the December 2018 presidential election by supporting the victory of Felix Tshisekedi despite the fact that many irregularities had been denounced. Fayulu is determined to prevent history from repeating itself,” said the same source.

Fayulu, the price to pay…
With the help of internationally renowned lobbyists, the ideological son of Étienne Tshisekedi is starting his classic tour with the aim of positioning himself before the 2023 meeting. American lobbyist Jeffrey Smith is helping to organize Fayulu’s tour as part of the contract with Vanguard Africa, which manages, for 7000 dollars per month, an “independent, free and fair campaign” in the DRC. His company is a subcontractor for Future Pact, which represents Fayulu for $17,500 monthly until December 2023.

While Tshisekedi wants to suppress any questions about the integrity of the last ballot, Fayulu and his allies are stepping up their efforts to argue that the last election was a mess. As such, the Lamuka presidium member seeks to convince Washington to be on the lookout for any irregularities or any effort to undermine the Congolese opposition.

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