Kamerhe and president fatshi
Kamerhe and president fatshi

DRC: UN, Diplomats, press, clerk, a powerful lobby in the service of V. Kamerhe

The so-called “100-day” trial, which will have its first verdict today Saturday June 20, 2020, will go from rebound to rebound. Proof of a real machine in the service of the now former Director of Cabinet Vital Kamerhe who drains a panoply of statesmen, politicians, lawyers, magistrates, presses insistently to avoid him at all costs a conviction. The final attempt by the clerk of the constitutional court to stay today’s verdict is just a tree hiding the forest.

Pressure on Félix Tshisekedi

Since the start of the investigation at the opening of the so-called 100-day trial, there has been strong pressure on the President of the Republic Félix Antoine Tshisekedi in favor of his ally. The waltz of diplomats who took turns at the residence of the President of the Republic in Kinshasa, had for major reason only the Kamerhe case.
Félix Tshisekedi finds himself torn between several options, his desire to establish a rule of law, which finds its echo with donors (IMF, World Bank) who demand him to fight against corruption and the improvement of good governance on the one hand, and on the other hand, the attempt to throw a lifeline to his ally V. Kamerhe whose friends are also his friends.
The other unknown is national public opinion, which has not yet forgotten the question of $ 15 million that the President of the Republic to save his ally, president of the UNC, had called it a “retro commission.” Thus any visible action by the Head of State would risk once again hitting national opinion in a highly publicized trial in which the majority of the Congolese population already holds their culprit.


Another weapon used by the Kamerhe camp is communication. WEB sites are created to support V. Kamerhe, journalists, internet users, are also used to relay any good information in favor of their foal and to discredit if possible any contrary opinion. The maneuver is simple, creates a favorable echo in both national and international opinion by arguing a political trial.


The last controversial letter from the Registrar of the Constitutional Court which was dismissed and then called to order on the progress of the Kamerhe trial speaks volumes about the rest of the judicial procedure where the lawyers for the accused will still have two appeals before d ” other jurisdictions.

The verdict of one of the so-called “100-day” trials between Vital Kamerhe and the Congolese state will be known this Saturday, June 20, after the court rejected a file which is already under deliberation.

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