Inlukamba prime minister
Inlukamba prime minister

DRC: Inlukamba press release, Amorphism reflects PPRD political pressure

The righteous behavior of the Minister of Justice with regard to the Minaku – Sakata law, on his annotations addressed to the Office of the National Assembly without the approval of the Prime Minister, attitude which led to his brief interpellation causing an amplified crisis of interinstitutional confidence by the famous letter from Minister Inlukamba, offensive to the President of the Republic, is a sign that the Prime Minister was under strong pressure from his political family who signed and read the press release in his place but with which he acquiesced tacitly because not publicly denied.

Malignant irresponsibility

The meeting held by the Prime Minister together with all the vices – Prime Ministers and Ministers of States on Sunday, June 28 at the Hôtel du Gouvernement, following the arrest on Saturday, June 27, 2020 by the Attorney General near the court of cassation gave birth to a press release, the form and content of which does not reflect its nature.

Indeed, in view of the participants in the said meeting, it is rather a report that should match; reporting the situation while quoting by name the participants in the absence of their signatures at the bottom of the final report. However, in this final press release, not only that the participants are not known, but in addition the author and political leader of the meeting, namely the Prime Minister, did not sign this final press release abandoning its reading to its communication director acting as spokesperson.

Inlukamba ambiguity

This malicious attitude of the Prime Minister, leaving it to his Director of Communication to sign and publish, constitutes proof of distancing from the final press release. An ambiguity in view of its content directly offending the Head of State.

FCC pressure

The reactions caused by this press release after the counter-press release by the CACH ministers who participated in the said meeting is proof that the Prime Minister has been pressured by his comrades in the PPRD, who, according to certain indiscretions, suspects that he is approving the decisions of the Head of State without reference to his political family.

The caciques of the PPRD, furious at the arrest of the Minister of Justice Tunda Ya Kasande, grabbed the final communiqué after the meeting between the Prime Minister with his vices and ministers of state, signing and publishing in his name on the Prime Minister’s official twitter account.

The future of the FCC – CACH coalition with the Tundagate episode has illustrated its limits. A coalition that will have trouble crossing the milestone of 2023, an election year.

Roger Lazio

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