Gentiny Ngobila
Gentiny Ngobila

DRC: Kinshasa, COVID-19, deconfinement, Gentiny Ngobila plays the sorcerer’s apprentice!

The Governor of the City of Kinshasa Gentiny Ngobila Mbaka, spends day after his inability to govern the city of Kinshasa. The posture of the Bourgmestre or of a mayor would have been favorable to him in view of his meager achievements which are almost confined to the only commune of Gombe.

RAGE (Autonomous Republic of the Gombe)

The city of Kinshasa seems vast in the vision of the current Governor of the city of Kinshasa. Almost all of these measures, “Kin Bopeto, Closure of the Central Market, Containment, COVID-19, Gesture barrier, closure of Stores, only have the effect and visibility of the Commune de la Gombe.

Regardless of the negative economic effects for the city and the whole country, Ngobila continues to tighten the noose in the commune of Gombe, a republic apart, paralyzing, commerce, administration and displacement.
The man takes pleasure in the role of a martial Governor, oblivious to the daily life of its inhabitants, a role which he delegates to the Central Government.

COVID-19 catastrophic management

G. Ngobila cares less about the multiplication of COVID-19 cases in the city of Kinshasa.
If the origin of COVID-19 had been the outskirts of the city of Kinshasa, Gentiny Ngobila was going to be the indirect responsible for the spread with his first rash measures on the confinement and the sudden closure of markets.
There are few, if any, images of the Governor visiting hospitals or patients with coronavirus.
No communication or awareness of the Governorate about the skepticism of some residents of the capital on the presence of COVID-19 in Kinshasa.

As the pandemic worsens alarmingly in other towns in the city, the Governor has taken no measures to limit or eradicate the pandemic. An abandoned task in the hands of the response team. While these counterparts Governor of other provinces courageously manage to completely eradicate the coronavirus.

FCC flop

He is far from disregarding barrier gestures in the outlying districts of the city, which he rarely visits. An administrator far from his constituents and unable to know their wishes.
In light of his calamitous and sectoral management of the city of Kinshasa, we understand more and more his inertia in the face of the Yumbi massacre between Banunu and Batende which he was unable to prevent.
The DRC needs good administrators who take into account the size of their territories and the complexity of their inhabitants.

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