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DRC: What hides the arrest of the DG of the RVA, and the suspension at the DGM, noise of boots in Kinshasa?

The arrest on November 10 of Abdallah Bilenge, director general at the Régie des Voies Aériennes, followed by the suspension of Roland Kashwantale Chihoza, director general of the Directorate General of Migration (DGM) 10 days later, leaves doubtful as to the reasons given justifying their sidelined by the Congolese authorities, in a turbulent political period at the top of the state, following a probable political schism between the FCC of ex-President Kabila and the CACH of the current Head of State Felix Antoine Tshisekedi.

Indeed, the RVA and the DGM are the main control services before any overflight or landing of any aircraft on Congolese soil and the identity for any disembarkation or embarkation of any individual throughout the Congolese national territory.

The reason given for the arrest of the DG of the RVA, still leaves one perplexed, “misappropriation of rights due to the national social security fund (CNSS), to the National Institute for Professional Preparation (INPP), to the National Office of Employment (ONEM) and to the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI) ”. According to his lawyer: “This is a social claim to the CNSS, the INPP, the ONEM as well as the DGI. It is not money disbursed and earmarked for private purposes by my client. When preparing the payroll, the remuneration division which is part of the administrative management, calculates the salaries of the agents and operates deductions and afterwards it transmits the listings to the level of the finance department which looks in the treasury if it There are sufficient funds for the remuneration of the agents and to repay the rights due to the various socio-professional services mentioned above, but the treasury of the RVA does not have the capacity to be able to repay these rights. So how can you arrest a CEO for funds he hasn’t disbursed? », He explains in an interview given in particular to ACTUALITE.CD.

For the DG of the Directorate General of Migration, the reason given is “the discovery and closing last Thursday of a dungeon of this public service by the VPM of the interior, Gilbert Kankonde”. Even if certain sources speak of insubordination, it is necessary to wonder if really the Minister of the Interior was not aware of anything on the existence of such a so-called secret prison yet justify in the practice of everything migration service even in nations where democracy is advanced.

If Abdallah Bilenge comes from the FCC coalition, Roland Kashwantale Chihoza on the other hand is labeled CACH, but a member of the UNC and close to the former Chief of Staff Vital Kamerhe still in prison who had also weighed for his recovery after his very first suspension under the presidency of Joseph Kabila.

The two shelters come at the same time that the DRC has just signed a military cooperation agreement with Angola, symbolized by the overflight of two Angolan planes over Congolese airspace.

These suspensions are probably classified in this climate of the end of the FCC-CACH coalition where Joseph Kabila and his men swear only on the respect of the agreements with the current president in his various correspondence addressed to certain African heads of state according to “Young -Africa ”where a thinly veiled threat of paralysis of state institutions is evoked.

Thus, these two proxies, occupying strategic positions appear less loyal to the current head of state by their political origins and do not aspire to confidence during this period of political turbulence either.

Mike Mukubwa Butu

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