DRC-Nyiragongo: F. Tshisekedi arrived in Kibati from victims still awaiting a solution

The Head of State arrived on Monday afternoon, June 14, in the locality of Kibati, located 17 km north of Goma (North Kivu). Eight (8) ministers are present in his suite.

Accompanied by his wife, Félix Tshisekedi visits the mobile hospital being erected in this area to take care of the victims of the volcanic eruption of May 22.

locality about twenty kilometers from Goma. Those displaced by the eruption, those who have not yet been able to return home, are awaiting the completion of a somewhat more suitable reception site.

More than 400 households have already moved into classrooms at a school near the site that will accommodate the victims. These displaced people come from the areas at the foot of Nyiragongo.

Need for drinking water and food
They lack almost everything. Among them are children and pregnant women. They arrived three weeks ago. They are anxiously waiting to be taken care of, both by aid workers and the government. Deprived, they ask for clean water, food and a little more comfortable shelter.

These are the problems that the authorities want to solve, because next door, a more viable site will be quickly set up. But long before, a mobile hospital was deployed. It is equipped with medicines, materials and water. He will take care of first aid, especially for respiratory diseases and malaria.


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