Professor André Mbata
Professor André Mbata

DRC: UDPS, empty chair policy André Mbata throws the stone out

The post of 1st vice-president of the National Assembly belongs to the Udps and not to an individual “, points out this famous constitutional lawyer who thus takes the opposite of the official position of the Tshisekedist party.
The Union for Democracy and Social Progress (UDPS), will not designate anyone to replace Jean-Marc Kabund, deposed on May 25 from his post as 1st vice-president of the National Assembly. This is what emerges from the political declaration of the presidential party signed yesterday Thursday, May 28, by its Secretary General Augustin Kabuya.

“The Udps / Tshisekedi now considers it inappropriate to appoint another among the national deputies elected from its list, to replace Jean-Marc Kabund-A-Kabund as 1st vice-president of the lower house of Parliament”, underlines the party in the same political declaration, before brandishing threats of self-exclusion to any Udps deputy who would not respect the above-mentioned decision of the party hierarchy.


As soon as it decides not to designate any other national deputy to succeed Jean-Marc Kabund at the perch of the Lower House of Parliament, the Udps operates its empty chair policy. The option exercised by the managers of the ruling party at the highest summit of the state is already arousing converging reactions in the political class. The first is that of Prof André Mbata who thus throws a real pavement in the pond.

“The post of 1st Vice-President of the National Assembly is reserved for the Udps, not for any individual who thinks he is a providential man. We must continue to teach the Constitution, the statutes and the rules of procedure of our parties The Constitution prohibits any imperative mandate “, points out this very famous constitutionalist who thus takes the opposite of the official position of the Tshisekedist party.

André Mbata does not stop there. “The Udps Statutes and Rules of Procedure do not authorize an” interim president “or a” titular “secretary general appointed by himself (editor’s note: President ai), in violation of the Statutes and the remainder unknown to the Interior Minister to give injunctions, to sanction and to decide in place of the national deputies “, continues this lawyer, professor at the University of Kinshasa (UNIKIN).


Still in his reaction to the very official announcement of the UDPS regarding the problem of replacing Jean-Marc Kabund, André Mbata wants to be formal. “In harmony with our President of the Republic, Félix Tshisekedi, the national deputies of the Udps will present one of their own to fill the vacant position of 1st vice-president of the National Assembly,” he added.
On this specific question, the opponent of the Kabund-Kabuya duo notes that the party on very symbolic 11th rue Limete is not lacking in resources. “Our party is a nursery of competent executives of a very high intellectual level anxious to serve” the People first “instead of using or clinging to the posts,” he insists.

Question. Does the political declaration signed Augustin Kabuya on behalf of the Udps carry germs of defection within the party? Certainly not, according to André Mbata. “The national deputies of the Udps remain loyal to the party and to the President of the republic. But in no case can they comply with the putschists, especially after the recognition of the Party’s Democratic Convention and the confirmation by the ministry of the Interior, of its position according to which while awaiting the Congress, only the Directory is entitled to direct and engage the Udps, in accordance with article 26 of its Statutes “, he specifies.


What would happen if the Udps bragged about its position of presenting no one to replace the now former 1st vice-president of the National Representation? In other words, could this option for the empty chair policy have an unfortunate impact on the desk? A priori, average minds who would limit themselves to conjecture would be tempted to believe it.
However, the reactions of two high-flying national deputies, contacted by Forum des As late yesterday night Thursday 28 but, converge. Both elected officials maintain that the absence of a member of the Bureau does not in any way cause it to malfunction. “Even if it is the president who is himself dismissed, the Bureau will still continue to function. As for the intention of the Udps to seize the competent judicial authorities to restore Jean-Marc Kabund in his rights, let me tell you that a right, there is a principle according to which there is no action without interest. If he wants to take action with the Council of State, he can do it. It is his right the simplest. But one thing is to take legal action. But the most important is to be right, “concluded one of the two elected officials.

Grevisse KABREL/Forum des As

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