Pastor Mukuna
Pastor Mukuna


Pascal Mukuna will be at the helm this Friday, May 29. The number one of the Christian Assembly of Kinshasa (ACK) appears for the first time at the Penitentiary Center for the Reeducation of Kinshasa (CPRK) where begins its trial. This first hearing will be held before the Tribunal de Grande Instance of Kinshasa / Kalamu.

First stage of the trial, this Friday’s hearing will be devoted to the presentation of the accused and the charges against him. The bishop of the ACK is, in fact, prosecuted for “rape and death threats”, following a complaint from Mamie Tshibola, widow of her former collaborator, Kantshia Milongo.

Pascal Mukuna had, for this purpose, been heard at the General Prosecutor’s Office before the Court of Appeal of Kinshasa / Gombe on May 13. The prosecution had placed him under provisional arrest warrant, after a confrontation with Mamie Tshibola, who notably accused him of rape and death threats. He was then transferred to the former central prison of Makala on May 14 in the early hours of the morning, after spending the night in the cell of the public prosecutor’s office at the Gombe Court of Appeal.


Indignant, the lawyer for the bishop of the ACK had denounced what he described as “early arrest” of his client for medical expertise in the cell. Me Richard Bondo was already claiming compensation for the damage in the event that this expertise was negative.

Taking on those who support the author of the complaint, the defender of Pascal Mukuna did not wag his tongue in his pocket: “They say that before he goes home, we must first put him under a provisional arrest warrant so that we come to physically assess his body in relation to the accusations on the rape of this lady (Tshibola). The confrontation demonstrated that the woman is remote-controlled “.


Me Richard Bondo returned afterwards to demand that Pastor Mukuna can remain in prison so that “Joseph Olenghankoy, who is cited in the case, be heard”, as well as a senior magistrate.

That Thursday, Pascal Mukuna had refused any confrontation, any question from the magistrate… He had decided to speak only in a public hearing, pointed out his lawyer. According to Me Richard Bondo, Pastor Pascal Mukuna had even asked the public prosecutor to request the fixing of his trial with the High Court / Gombe or Kalamu.
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