DRC: The Senate office is full: Mundela replaces Badibanga

DRC: The Senate office is full: Mundela replaces Badibanga

No more vacancies. The final office of the Upper House of the Parliament of the DRC is now full with its 7 elected members. The vacant post of 1st Vice-President held by resigning Udps Samy Badibanga has been filled. And unsurprisingly, another Udps, Eddy Mundela Kanku, the sole candidate in this election, is replacing him.

No surprise in the Senate. The election held on Saturday, June 12 in plenary at the International Conference Hall of the People’s Palace, consecrated the victory of the sole candidate, the Udps Eddy Mundela Kanku. The candidacy of Senator Éric Makangu was rejected for not having been in order with certain provisions of the Senate’s rules of procedure.

Of 108 senators who make up the Upper House of Parliament, 92 took part in the vote and 80 set their sights on the candidate of the Nation’s Sacred Union.

Senator Eddy Mundela Kanku replaces in this post Samy Badibanga, the only survivor of the Thambwe Mwamba office who had presented, to everyone’s surprise, his resignation to the President of the Senate, Modeste Bahati Lukwebo, on March 5.

In the process, the new first vice-president of the Senate was directly installed in his chair alongside 6 other members of the final office. He promised to work to support the head of state in his vision.

For his part, the president of the Senate Modeste Bahati, on behalf of all the members of the office, welcomed and fruitful mandate to the latter.

It has been since early March 2021 that the Senate has been headed by a new definitive office after the parliamentary majority shifted. From the ashes of the Common Front for the Congo of former President Joseph Kabila was born the Sacred Union of the Nation, the new political machine of President Felix Tshisekedi.

Thus, the final office of the Senate includes:

President: Modeste Bahati Lukwebo

1st vice-president: Eddy Eddy Mundela Kanku

2nd vice-president: Sanguma Temongonde Mossai

Rapporteur: Michel Kanyimbu

Deputy rapporteur: Nathalie Bul’an’sung Sanata

Quaestor: Carole Agito

Deputy Quaestor: Ida Kidima Nzumba.

The Senate, which is about to close the ordinary session of March 2021, is planning a plenary, this Monday, June 14, from 10 a.m. to, among other things, examine the bill on the government’s empowerment.

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