DRC: “Magouille et mafia” within the FARDC, “Fatshi” has set foot in the old “preserve” of his predecessor

Arrived in Goma on Saturday June 12 to express “national compassion” to the Gomatracians on the one hand and to carry out a mid-term evaluation of the state of siege decreed in North Kivu and Ituri on the other hand, President Felix Tshisekedi Tshilombo returned to the capital of North Kivu on the evening of Saturday 19. And this after visiting the town of Beni – where the first killings attributed to the ADF were committed – before going to Kasindi, Butembo and Bunia. Speaking to the forces in Bunia on Saturday, the head of state criticized in particular the swelling of the army. On social media, the craziest rumors are circulating about a “conspiracy” hatched by “anti-fatshists”. Propaganda? One thing seems certain: “Fatshi” did not make many friends by jostling the “untouchables” of the kabilist power. The “Kabila” siblings in the lead.

“There is a problem with the numbers in our army. We realize, in fact, that there is a lot of shenanigans undermining our security forces. This law of Omerta has developed: we kill in silence, we scheming in silence. It’s not just the army and the police. There is the case of the Senate refusing to lift the immunities of the former prime minister. This is what we have to tackle. Justice has become the soft underbelly of our administration ”. This is the indiscriminate statement made by Felix Tshisekedi during his exchange with the forces in Bunia.

It is not without interest to open the parenthesis at this level. In November 2013, observers were stunned to learn that “Joseph Kabila” had traveled the distance between the towns of Bunia and Goma (+/- 550 kilometers). By road. The presidential convoy did not take a single shot from militiamen supposed to flourish in this region. No ambush was deplored. Sources close to the “services” assure that General Delphin Kahimbi, then head of military intelligence, had the upper hand over several armed groups. He was apparently providing them with not only arms and ammunition but also money. It is true that this faithful of the faithful of “Kabila” is no longer of this world to speak his share of the truth.


By visiting the “troubled provinces” of North Kivu and Ituri, “Fatshi” actually set foot in the old “preserve” of his predecessor. During the eighteen years of his presence as head of state, “Kabila” handled security issues in this part of the country with complete opacity. Only the “men of the raïs” were assigned to it. Men you can trust. This is notably the case of a certain Colonel Marcel Mbangu Mashita, who was subsequently promoted to general.

Close relative of the fugitive general John Numbi Banza, Marcel Mbangu assumed the functions of “Counselor” at the Embassy of Congo-Kinshasa in Kampala, Uganda, when the “raïs” decided to appoint him, in 2015, at the head of the ‘Sukola1’ operation covering Beni-Lubero, North Kivu. It is in this region that the notorious rebels committed the worst atrocities. In 2019 Mbangu is replaced by another “man of the raïs”. This is General Jacques Chaligonza who has another general, in this case Peter Cirimwami, as his deputy. No wonder the “ADF” have been killing and mutilating with impunity since October 2014.

This is the place to recall the case of Ugandan Jamil Mukulu, the alleged Ugandan rebel leader of the ADF. When he was arrested in March 2015 in a Tanzanian village, “Jamil” was in possession of six passports, including that of Congo-Kinshasa. What authority issued this travel document? This question remains unanswered. Quite simply because it was never asked by the Congolese rulers of the time. For the record, Sieur Mukulu is an old acquaintance of “Joseph Kabila”. Let’s close the parenthesis.

In Bunia, President Felix Tshisekedi chaired, Friday 18, a security council during which he proceeded, with officials of the army and services, to the mid-term evaluation of the state. of siege. On this occasion, he reaffirmed his firm and resolute will to dismantle the sanctuaries of “terrorist groups” and destroy them.


During his “talk” with the Iturian forces, the Head of State paid tribute to the work accomplished by the investigators of the IGF (General Inspectorate of Finance). “I told you about debunking, the fight against corruption. Today we see it, “he said. And to continue: “It is true that it is not yet perfect, but there is considerable progress. We feel that there is more and more fear of the gendarme, of the state “.

Combining action with words, “Fatshi” instructed sector ministers to take “precautionary measures” against public officials suspected of mismanagement. It was during the “aloof” meeting of the Council of Ministers on Friday, June 18.

Sunday, June 20 in the evening, the spokesperson for the Presidency of the Republic, Tharcisse Kasongo Mwema Yamba Y’Amba, read a statement from the “dircab” of the Head of State, Guylain Nyembo Mbwiza, asking the ministers concerned to ” await details on the implementation of the aforementioned protective measures.

It didn’t take much for social media to swarm the craziest rumors. We can read that a “conspiracy” against the power in place is in the making. The objective would be to attack the physical integrity of the head of state. It is rumored that speaking of the “mafia” and the “shenanigans” within the security forces, it is no wonder that he has discovered some tampering with the strength of the army. The insecurity in the East had become a kind of “money pump” for the old power. “Fatshi” would thus have made “new enemies” in addition to the members of the “Kabila” siblings.

Known as a “swashbuckler”, “Fatshi” clearly does not care about this kind of “news”. In Bunia, he reaffirmed his firm resolve to pursue the famous “ADF” “to their entrenchment”. The accomplices are warned …

Baudouin Wetshi/Congoindependant/ Titration congovirtuel

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