DRC – Bunagana: amazing calls from M 23

The confused situation for some, the victorious one of the FARDC, according to other sources. However, the proliferation of statements from the M23 on the Web has been noted. The two captures go in the same direction, alleging the protection of civilians against the fire engaged by regular troops to recover the territory of Bunagana, which this movement supported by Kigali has occupied for almost a hundred days.

Bertrand Bisimwa, in his capacity as President of M 23 suggests, “By engaging in a new battle threatening civilians, Kinshasa must assume the possibility of losing the war. The withdrawal of positions lost by its own turpitudes should no longer condition the dialogue”.

For his part, the spokesperson for this movement, Willy Ngoma accuses the FARDC of bombing the border town of Bunagana. Major of his state within the M23, he supports the departure of the inhabitants fleeing the bombardment. By interpreting these two messages, a panic is perceptible on the spot in Bunagana where sources also report an overflow towards Uganda and Rwanda. On the night of Friday to Saturday October 22, 80% of the locality of Kabindi formerly under occupation of the M 23, more or less 15 km from this border city, are controlled by regular troops.

The two declarations of the M23 border on a last stand, as it is true that for Kinshasa, there is no question of dialogue with the terrorists. These messages from M 23 seem to worry some chancelleries, which are calling for a halt to the momentum taken by the FARDC.

However, prudence must remain on the alert on the side of Kinshasa to avoid a surprise on the part of the sponsors of the terrorists, capable of several tricks up their sleeves. While wondering if all the moles and other accomplices of balkanization are put out of harm’s way.


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