DRC: AFDC-A duplication: the Constitutional Court seizes the National Assembly for the forfeiture of the deputies of the Néné Nkulu camp

Senator Professor Modeste Bahati Lukwebo is on the verge of being recognized as the sole legitimate leader (moral authority) of the Alliance of Democratic Forces of the Congo and Allies (AFDC-A). This imperatively underlies the end of the duplication of this political grouping.

The Constitutional Court seized the office of the National Assembly for the forfeiture of the deputies of the Néné Nkulu camp. The Lower House of Parliament confirms the news. And in its application the High Court also recalls the unconstitutionality of the decision of the Political, Administrative and Judicial Commission (PAJ) taken on December 15, 2019. In this decision relating to the dispute between the deputies members of the AFDC-A parliamentary group, the PAJ had seen fit to attribute this political regrouping to Camp Nene Nkulu.

Unconditional support for the rule of law and Félix Tshisekedi

Predicted victorious in this case of duplication, will the Bahati camp widen the circle of support for the new power in Kinshasa? The question remains. Certainly, the signals are as visible. Meeting in extraordinary session, this Friday, May 29 in Kinshasa, the conference of the presidents of the political parties and personalities of the political grouping AFDC-A invited its members and sympathizers scattered all over the national territory and all the federations as well as its representations to the foreigner “to unconditionally support the establishment of the rule of law, the efforts for effective peace, reconstruction and the struggle for the eradication of the Covid-19 pandemic as deployed by the President of the Republic, Félix Tshisekedi “.

The declaration of the conference of presidents, signed by national deputy Princess Adèle Kayinda, president of the AFDC-A parliamentary group, reminds national and international opinion that, in view of the legal texts governing the AFDC-A political grouping, dissidents have deliberately left the AFDC-A grouping and this is materialized by, among other things: the non-participation in AFDC-A activities since July 2019; the choice and occupation by them of a new AFDC-A / FCC headquarters on Moyo avenue, number 1 in the municipality of Ngaliema; the payment by them of contributions and contributions to the AFDC-A / FCC; etc.

Do not involve Joseph Kabila

It is emphasized that “Mrs. Ilunga Nkulu Néné and Mr. Djanga Katakala Patrick are not signatories to the AFDC-A creation protocol because they are not the presidents of any member political party. They therefore act without title or quality on behalf of the AFDC-A group. ”

With regard to the tendency to want to involve Joseph Kabila, “the conference of the presidents of the parties and personalities observes that the senator for life and honorary president of the Republic, Joseph Kabila, has become a common heritage and deserves respect and consideration by all ” “As such, he cannot be lightly involved in a legal case for reasons of political positioning. AFDC-A will use all legal channels to end this cacophony deliberately maintained by patent usurpers, “said the national deputy.

Adèle Kayinda/Lepotentiel

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