Bishop Mukuna calls for media coverage of his trial against Mamie Tshibola

Pastor Mukuna

The President of the Kalamu District Court has just received the request from Bishop Pascal Mukuna, currently in preventive detention at Makala Central Prison, and the subject of legal proceedings against the heads of rape, death threats and retention of title deeds, all articulated by his follower Mamie Tshibola, seeking media coverage of his trial.

The legal representative of the Christian Assembly of Kinshasa and president of the sports club “Renaissance du Congo”, has, through his counsel, Me Richard Bondo, lawyer at the Kinshasa-Gombe Bar, wrote to the number one manager of the aforementioned jurisdiction, to make three requests. In this request, Bishop Pascal Mukuna, wishes to end the closed session on his trial against Mamie Tshibola, and consequently, authorize media coverage by the press and the broadcasting of the hearings of his case on the antennas of the RTNC and other media.

Until 5 p.m., the suite reserved by the judge-president of the Kalamu High Court to the letter of the legal representative of the ACK and sports president of the “Renaissance du Congo” club had not been recorded. It is understood that this jurisdiction could rule before the hearing on Friday, June 12, 2020, which will be held as we know, in a fairground, at the Makala Central Prison.

         It is true that the defendant, who does not blame himself for anything, wants the whole truth to come out. To this end, he had given his judges the opportunity to note the falsity of the sextape attached to the file as an exhibit to justify the accusation of rape. Bishop Pascal Mukuna had demonstrated at a previous hearing the various blatancies between him and the male person appearing in this video element. While on his shoulders, one could easily see some tattoos affixed on his body when he was a young boxer, which is not the case with the character visible in the video.

         In the threats of death threats which he allegedly made against his follower, this leader of the revival church understands that these are lies. Moreover, he continues to maintain that he often received the complainant in the presence of Mr. Olenghankoy, president of the CNSA, and of the pastor Esperance Mbakadi of the Mangembo church, to name only these two religious leaders.

         Finally, the legal representative of the Kinshasa Christian Assembly does not admit having held certain documents belonging to Mrs. Mamie Tshibola in front of him. He knows, however, that he keeps the title deeds of a plot belonging to his former faithful Kantshia, now deceased, and which are established for the benefit of the widow, the legitimate wife of Kantshia and orphans from the first bed.

         In her legal action, Mamie Tshibola strongly supports the opposite. For her, her accusations relate to cases of rape of which her spiritual framer was guilty. And on the repeated death threats of which she was the victim. Finally, she does not intend to give up on this other matter which divides her with her pastor. These are fragmentary documents, better the title deeds that Bishop Pascal Mukuna keeps.

J.R.T. /Lighthouse

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