Functioning of the Congolese military courts

military_court drc

Anxious to endow the country with a powerful army, disciplined and always ready to respond to all eventualities, the Congolese legislator has created and completely reorganized the military courts; these jurisdictions thus include repressive mechanisms that want to respond with equal effectiveness, different from peacetime and wartime, thus resolving the problems of judicial organization [1]. Indeed, military justice is shared between the different military courts of judgments whose attribution competence belongs to all of these courts that the hierarchy constitutes the backbone of the military judicial organizations from which in…

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Bishop Mukuna calls for media coverage of his trial against Mamie Tshibola

Pastor Mukuna

The President of the Kalamu District Court has just received the request from Bishop Pascal Mukuna, currently in preventive detention at Makala Central Prison, and the subject of legal proceedings against the heads of rape, death threats and retention of title deeds, all articulated by his follower Mamie Tshibola, seeking media coverage of his trial. The legal representative of the Christian Assembly of Kinshasa and president of the sports club “Renaissance du Congo”, has, through his counsel, Me Richard Bondo, lawyer at the Kinshasa-Gombe Bar, wrote to the number one…

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