Sentencing to 20 years in prison of the former deputy minister of Hydrocarbons for domestic violence

The former Deputy Minister of Hydrocarbons, Moussa Mondo, was sentenced to 20 years of main penal servitude for causing the death of his wife as a result of beating and injuries. The High Court of Kinshasa/Gombe rendered its verdict on Tuesday, April 16 in the evening, during a flagrant procedure concerning this case.

In addition to this imprisonment sentence, Moussa Mondo was also sentenced to pay a fine of one million Congolese Francs. He is accused of beating his Malagasy wife to death before taking her to the hospital where she died. Despite his statements during his plea and his final words before the judge’s verdict, Moussa Mondo continues to deny killing his wife, claiming that she died from cancer.

Paolo K.

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