Floods have led to a significant population displacement in Uvira, in the province of South Kivu

Since last February, the waters of Lake Tanganyika continue to cause significant material damage, especially in the Kanvinvira district of the city of Uvira, located in the Uvira territory.

Deputy Mayor of the city, Kiki Kifara, stated that many residents live in difficult conditions and some have been forced to relocate due to this situation. He also emphasized that the Kanvinvira district is the most affected by the flooding, caused by the tides of Niangara and Lake Tanganyika.

The population in the region, especially in Kilomoni, is heavily affected by this rise in water levels. The water level continues to increase every day, raising concerns for the safety of the residents. The Deputy Mayor has called for an urgent intervention from authorities and humanitarian organizations to address this situation.

He also noted that administrative offices at the border between the DRC and Burundi are flooded, as well as the port of Kalundu. It is important to note that the rising waters of Lake Tanganyika regularly cause significant damage in this city in South Kivu


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