DRC- Mining issue: Joe Biden dispatches Amos Hochstein to Kinshasa

From September 12 to 13, Amos Hochstein will discuss with Congolese actors on investments, particularly in the mining sector.

Kinshasa expects to welcome a new envoy from US President Joe Biden on Monday. Amos Hochstein, the US President’s Special Coordinator for International Energy Affairs, will stay in the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo from September 12 to 13.

According to a press release from the United States Embassy in Kinshasa, Amos Hochstein will use his two days of mission in the DRC to “discuss issues relating to the mining sector and investments”.

Tomorrow Tuesday, at the end of his Congolese journey, the Special Coordinator of the American President for International Energy Affairs, will fix the opinion on the quintessence of his mission during a press conference scheduled for 3:30 p.m.

Hochstein after Blinken
Amos Hochstein’s mission to Kinshasa comes just a month after the visit of another Joe Biden envoy. Anthony J. Blinken, the American Secretary of State, had stayed in the Congolese capital from August 9 to 10.

His visit, also two days, allowed him to discuss with his hosts on several areas and particularly on the investment sector. One of two points at the heart of Amos Hochstein’s mission.

Of course, the field of action explored by Anthony J. Blinken turned out to be much broader. Indeed, according to the spokesperson for the US State Department, the Secretary of State had come ”to discuss the mutual interest in ensuring the holding of free, inclusive and fair elections in 2023, by promoting respect for human rights and protecting fundamental freedoms.

It also focused on “the fight against corruption, support for trade and investment, actions to deal with climate change, increasing agricultural resilience…”. The aim was also to support “regional African efforts to promote peace in eastern DRC and the wider Great Lakes region”.

The mining challenge
In view of the objectives of the two missions, we understand, therefore, the importance that the Biden administration attaches to investment in the DRC, and particularly to the mining sector. Precisely in a context where several economic powers are now jostling in search of strategic minerals.

It is this rush for Congolese minerals that has become an issue in the region, especially since it has sparked numerous armed conflicts. This prompted Anthony J. Blinken to ask neighboring countries of the DRC to stop supporting armed groups like the M23.

But what displeased many Congolese was to learn that, once in Kigali, the American Secretary of State began to dissuade Kinshasa from supporting the FDLR. This balancing act is not to the taste of the majority of Congolese.


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