Dona Béatrice
History of pre-colonial Congo
The history of the pre-colonial Congo summarizes the history of the peoples of the present Democratic Republic of Congo, since the appearance of the first human traces on the territory until the period of
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Electric bus
The time of colonization
King Leopold II took possession of the territory in his own name as the Congo Free State. Exploration expeditions are launched, and communication channels developed. The control of the territory ends in 1894 essentially with the end of the war against the Arabo-Swahilis.
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Patrice Emery Lumumba
(born July 2, 1925 in Onalua, Belgian Congo - and died murdered January 17, 1961 in Katanga) is the first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo from June to September
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Congo independent
Joseph Kasavubu is President of the Republic of Congo while Patrice Lumumba holds the posts of Prime Minister and Minister of Defence. Very quickly, relations with Belgium are tense. A few days
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the contemporary era of Congo-Zaire
Immediately after the coup, Mobutu proclaimed himself president. In a few years, He empties the republican constitution and creates a real dictatorship. He is granted or grants himself exceptional
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At the time of the Revolution
Although Zaire is renamed the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Kabila regime is as authoritarian as Mobutu's time. The multiparty system is abolished, a new constitution puts the president at the head
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