The Virtual Library of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is a circle of reflection, and mutual aid non-profit, the objective pursued by this circle is to promote the cultural diversity of the DRC.

Thus, in this site we have given ourselves the objective, to popularize the tourist sites or potential of the DRC, to inform in real time of events that occur in the country. To popularize the literary works for the young writers without financial means, to popularize the university institutions, medical as well as hotels of the country. To present employment opportunities or service provision to companies or individual who wish in the future or in real time.

This circle of reflection presents the works and services on its site in good faith and without hindsight. Anyone who would see some or all of his works on the site, please contact us to have ample explanation on the presentation of his work. Notwithstanding the fact that there are authors whose online publication of their works have been warned in advance.

The virtual library of the DRC, through its web space, gives opportunity to the different students of any university and independent institution in the world, in particular the students of the DRC to present in whole or in part their memory of end of study, to allow other students, researchers and future students to have access to it. This has the advantage of the accessibility of your work, memory, why not a certain pride and prohibit plagiarism because a scientific work on the net prevents plagiarism.

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