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DRC: Silent coup or “soft debugging” overseen by Mike Hammer, US Ambassador

Felix leaves the coalition and enters in 2021 as master of the game in the DRC in addition to President of the African Union.

While several politicians and observers of Congolese politics qualify as “interference in the internal affairs of the DRC” the support of the American ambassador to Felix Tshisekedi, others on the contrary, praise his courage and his political realism in responding to the direct agreements of the Congolese. It is thanks to Hammer that Félix, a novice in the state administration, was able to deny all the forecasts that made him a skater in the service of Kabilie.

A “coup d‘ Etat “or a gentle” debunking “of Kabilism supervised by Hammer?

Ambassador Hammer grew up in Latin America in countries where the United States has a culture of creating statesmen from ex nihilo. He notably lived in Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil. He is fluent in Spanish and speaks French and Icelandic. He most recently served as US Ambassador to Chile from 2014 to 2016, a country that still has bad memories “of Augusto Pinochet’s 1973 coup, which was actively supported by the United States.

Ambassador Michael (Mike) A. Hammer was confirmed as United States Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo on September 6, 2018 amid electoral crises. He therefore had the task of overseeing the “peaceful” transfer of power between Joseph Kabila and Felix Tshisekedi. Despite the fact that the United States did not directly recognize the presidential election which brought Felix Tshisekedi to power while sanctioning the leaders of the national electoral commission, Hammer “believed in a fait accompli” in the name of the stability of the entire region . He will use all his diplomatic talent and his experience in American national security to convince Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to receive Félix Tshisekedi at the State Department in Washington in April 2019. Coaching by Ambassador Hammer is a Felix Tshisekedi who still “fearful” promises to debunk the Kabila system.

“I am here to debunk the dictatorial system that has been put in place,” the new Congolese president said at a conference at the Council on External Relations, a workshop on foreign policy, in Washington D.C.

The Trump administration has since started to believe in this president who is “hostage to a deal” but who seeks American support.

The political realism of the American diplomat

The military umbrella of Angola and Egypt to Felix Tshisekedi as a counterweight to the generals still loyal to Kabila;
The reversal of the parliamentary majority in favor of Felix;
The Gambian solution as an alternative to dialogue with Kabila
As the European Union hesitates over the fate of the former Congolese president and seeks a smooth exit, Hammer insists Kabila’s departure from the Congo to give Felix Tshisekedi plenty of leeway. He therefore opposes an internal withdrawal of Kabila in his stronghold of Katanga

Hammer’s “fait accompli” and legacy to the new Biden administration

Mike Hammer, whose ambassadorial post is likely to end with Biden’s new administration, is likely to leave the new administration after January 20, 2021 with a fait accompli.

According to several observers, Hammer will push Felix to get rid of Joseph Kabila before the entry of the new Biden administration.

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