Biography of Deborah Rebo Tchulo

Deborah Rebo Tchulo is a native of Kinshasa (Barumbu), December 5, 1996 and inevitably the female voice of the most famous Congolese music of the moment. She has barely started her musical career when she has already made a name for herself in the world of Congolese music. However, nothing predestined her to such success in urban music, she who instead made her debut in Gospel, and who often shone with an extravagance, nicknamed the queen of undressing, which also earned her her expulsion. of his church. Ella subsequently discovered urban music, and made excessive encounters that gave a boost to her musical career.

Credited with an angelic voice, she will be able to capitalize on this asset to embed herself in a new universe, where she begins in 2016 to trace her path. Rebo embarks on collaborations with other anonymous artists from Kinshasa, makes studio recordings of a few hits, which unfortunately fizzle out for lack of promotion. This until her meeting in 2017 with Ferre Gola, a very famous artist and producer in the country, who decides to take her under his wing. The dancer and singer released her first single “Coeur fragile” which allowed her to take her bearings, then a second, “Ni Nani”, which ensured her a certain success. It is also his song released in 2019 which has the highest number of views on YouTube, more than 3 million.

In the process, she will release two other singles, including “Biloko” and recently “Mbote”, for confirmation. She has meanwhile become the most famous female voice in Congolese music, and has undertaken, in the continuation of her solo career, to separate from her mentor during this year 2021. She has signed up with the production house Pson Zubaboy’s GK Projects, after releasing his latest solo single entitled “Pepele”.

Rebo Tchulo is one of the few girls who make their way through the Congolese musical landscape, dominated by men. Very well known for her vocal “Mbote han”, her dancing hits, her clashes and her rapprochement with Innoss’B, the young artist is talking about her.

The singer Rebo Tchulo had herself announced via social networks, the release Friday, October 14 of her new song entitled “Contaminee”, on all legal download platforms.

In this new song, she tapped into love in a sweet style to mark her return to the stage after a short maternity leave.

According to her, this song is a gift that she offers to her fanatics for the end of the year festivities.

After a month, this song has already totaled more than 384,000 views on Youtube.

Rebo Tchulo’s Top 5 Favorite Songs

1- Doja Cat – Like That ft. Gucci Mane
2- Ciara – I’m Out ft. Nicki Minaj
3- Ciara – Greatest Love
4- SZA – Hit Different ft. Ty Dolla $ign
5- Ferre Gola – Zazou

Rebo Tchulo discography

Ni Nani
Fragile heart


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